Who We Are

In every location Agape Care Group serves, our focus is on serving our patients and their family with love — it’s the core of who we are as an organization and the foundation of every decision we make. We’re committed to using our vast resources to deliver the highest level of care possible, providing comfort and support for a meaningful experience. And although our name may be new, our legacy organizations have been caring for our communities for a combined 40-plus years, and we’re deeply rooted in the areas we serve.


To serve with love, providing comfort and support through compassionate care and meaningful experiences.

Our Company


Be recognized as the premier provider of care in the Southeast known for our superior patient-family experience, delivering the highest quality care, and building a culture of excellence.

Our Company


With you

We help the families we serve navigate the health care journey with love and compassion.

Pursue diversity

Commit to incorporating different backgrounds, views and experiences as advantages to our learning and growth.

Communicate effectively

Communicate clearly and often, engage with authenticity, and choose our words wisely and supportively.

Create positive experiences

Use our resources, talent, and hearts to create meaningful and memorable experiences.

Act with integrity

Always honest and forthright in our actions and intentions with those we serve and our teammates.

Our Culture

Our culture of caring and service reverberates throughout our team, and we are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful environment. In every touch, no matter how big or small, we are dedicated to providing a meaningful patient and family experience.

Carry vandenMaagdenberg, Chief Operating Officer
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Carry vandenMaagdenberg
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer
Jason Gerard, Chief Financial Officer
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Jason Gerard
Chief Financial Officer
Matt Winer, Chief Operations Officer
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Matt Winer
Chief Operations Officer
Pamela Duncan, Chief Compliance Officer
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Pamela Duncan
Chief Compliance Officer
Photo of Dr. Tiffany Richter, Medical Officer
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Dr. Tiffany Richter
Medical Officer
DeeDee Henderson, Mission Officer
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DeeDee Henderson
Mission Officer
Alex Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions
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Alex Ferguson
Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions
Kevin Gunter, Executive Vice President of Sales
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Ian Swank
Vice President of Sales