Agape Care Group Announces Partnership with BCS & Associates Consulting to Enhance its Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

Spartanburg, SC, March 26, 2021Agape Care Group, a leading hospice and palliative care provider in the Southeast region, announced today it has partnered with BCS & Associates Consulting (BCS) to enhance its focus on diversity and inclusion across the organization of more than 900 employees.

BCS was founded in 2016 by B. Chad Starks, PhD and has offices in Charleston, SC and Lynchburg, VA. The firm’s primary focus is to address the issues of social injustice.

BCS brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Agape Care Group focusing on cultivating deep diversity and cultural competency, providing the understanding of structural inequality, and advocating for the inclusion of everyone with regards to respecting  different identities.

BCS also focuses on providing resources and opportunities to marginalized communities while breaking down institutional barriers. Historically, underrepresented groups have been alienated from such resources and suffer the greatest hardships. BCS is committed to not just talking about these issues but making real changes that will impact our world.

“As Agape Care works to honor our core value of pursuing diversity, we are proud to partner with BCS & Associates Consulting Firm, Inc. Our goal as a company is to bring topics of diversity, equity and inclusion to the forefront of conversation,” says Dr. David Powell, mission officer. “Through our partnership with Dr. Starks, we hope to continue to move forward as our workforce and patient population grows.”

BCS has consulted with diverse agencies including K-12 school districts, law enforcement agencies, institutions of higher education, NASA Space Grant programs, NCAA sports teams, community centers, entrepreneurs, small community businesses, faith-based organizations, municipal government, and non-profit organizations.

Dr. B. Chad Starks holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Wofford College, a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina and a doctorate of Philosophy in Criminology from the University of Delaware. He has been on the faculty at Lynchburg College, Delaware State University and Benedict College and has also taught courses at the University of Delaware and Wofford College. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at Clemson University.



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