Agape Care Leaders Featured on LTC University Podcast

LTC University is a comprehensive learning solution powering education for the Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Hospice and Palliative Care industry in South Carolina. Last year, they launched a weekly podcast where host, Jamie Preston, invites industry leaders to discuss key topics in senior healthcare.

Key leaders at Agape Care have been invited to share their expertise and insights on working in the senior healthcare industry. Just last week, Dr. Sharon Beall, Hands of Hope’s pediatric hospice physician, joined Jamie to discuss pediatric hospice and our Hands of Hope pediatric program. Listen to the full episode.

Catch up on the latest episodes and check out other Agape Care leaders on the LTC University Podcast!

Michael Mealey, vice president of quality assurance at Agape Care, joins Jamie to discuss what we do at Agape Care and shares some insights into our The Hope Project. Listen to the full episode.

Pamela Duncan, chief compliance officer for Agape Care, discusses the importance of compliance in the senior healthcare industry and what it means to Agape Care. Listen to the full episode.

Cheri Lyn Deary, RN, discusses her experience in the home health and hospice industry. As a pioneer in the industry, she shares some valuable insight in providing care for patients and their families. Check out her full episode.